ABOUT Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright is deliberate and tactful at creating positive change. Born to a single mother with two boys, Wright is passionate about helping students and administrator find their purpose in life. It is this philosophy that helped transform the lives of hundreds of students, business professional, and church leaders he encounters. Dr. Cecil Wright is a teacher’s teacher and a life changer to inspire hope through his honesty and practical approach to life.

Dr. Wright has worked in Higher Education for 13 yrs. in the capacity of Academic Advisor, Adjunct Professor and Dean of Admissions. In 2007 he founded the Male Empowerment Seminar and 2014 cofounded AIMHigh Empowerment Institute that have mentored and coached over 2000 boys in New York State.


The core of Cecil’s passion strives from his desire to make a better place for his family. Cecil and his wife Karian and their children are dedicated to help spread love and care to everyone they meet. They believe in giving, sharing and fun.


Cecil Wright grew up attending church in his home church and his passion to help the needy has been a staple of his existence. Today, Dr. Wright is a member of Evangel Church of God located in long island New York. He serves on the pastor’s council and conduct monthly leadership seminars at his locate church. He has travelled to Kenya on mission’s trip and volunteer his time on a regular basis to local charities.


He holds a Doctorate Degree in Education from St. John Fisher College in Rochester NY, his dissertation tittle “Lessons Learned From College – Educated Employed Black Male Mentors: A Qualitative Anti-Deficit Study of College Persistence & Career Success” is the culmination of 10 years of work inspiring youth within the New York City Public School System.

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