Black Male Student Success

Underserved, unprepared and unready are few of the general the terms used when describing black male students. Over the last 10yrs, through research using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, I have formulated a practical and executable approach that will transform how families, educators, administrators and other policymakers engage, educate and empower black males. Building on Shaun Harper 2012, largest-ever qualitative research study of Black undergraduate men my research has led to a new approach and redesign of how to facilitate and create a culture of optimism where black male success is expected as the norm and not an anomaly- The Anti-Deficit Approach

                    Areas of Specialty:

Lived experience- Phenomenological approach

  • Using storytelling to convey life lesson

Family Engagement Mentorship College & Career Prep (FeMC^2)

  • Building family values
  • Understanding Mentorship
  • Creating educational pathways to success

Developing Effective Leadership

As an executive leader with over 15 years in higher education and not-for-profit management, I have lead several major strategic efforts to address issues related to access, engagement, and development, and retention of students, employees and congregants. My area of expertise involves creating a coaching environment, clear and supportive structure for feedback and a culture of data driven decisions making.

                    Areas of Specialty:

Creating positive culture shifts

  • Art of Servant Leadership
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Creating Strategies and policies to improve desired outcomes in education and not-for-profit.
  • Diversity training 
  • Curriculum development 
  • Service excellence
  • Transformational training
  • Teacher empowerment 

Organizations I had the pleasure to speak for:

Evangel Church of God 

Lehman College

Eastchester Church of God

Bronxwood International 

Munro College

Jamaica Teacher Assoc.

Academy for Scholarship 


 The New York State Association for College Admissions Counseling

Bronx Health Science High School

The Clara Cardwell High School 

St. Elizabeth Technical High School

BCC Prep High School

Passion That Ignites Each
Generation To Execute

Dr. Wright has worked in Higher Education for over a decade. He served in varying capacities including Academic Advisor, Adjunct Professor and Dean of Admissions. In 2007 he founded the Male Empowerment Seminar and in 2014 cofounded the AIMHigh Empowerment Institute . 

These empowerment initiatives have resulted in over 2,000 minority male students receiving mentorship and coaching from successful male professionals leading to improved academic outcomes for these students.

Recent Publication: Anti-Deficit Study of College Persistence and Career Success

The purpose of this qualitative, hermeneutic, phenomenological study was to learn how college-educated, employed Black males’ mentors successfully completed their undergraduate degrees and went on to be success stories in their career fields. 

The research focused on college persistence and career success by asking the mentors to comment about their experiences along four pipeline points (precollege socialization and readiness, college achievement, postcollege success, and employment postgraduation). The participants for this study were Black male mentors